What does that mean? It means you have choices when it comes to your network support, and the services you receive. What works best for Company A may not be the best choice for Company B. Company C may need something entirely different. What about your company? What works best for you? Depending on your needs, we can tailor a service and maximize your IT dollars.

For some companies, Pay-By-The-Hour network support and repair is the answer. Their network doesn’t require constant attention and therefore, doesn’t need a full-time IT person on staff. These companies just need to know that if they have a problem, they can call and someone will resolve it in a timely manner. Comnet Consulting has been providing this service to business throughout New Mexico for 16 years. Our technicians have a wealth of resources and years of experience working with networks of all shapes and sizes. Call us when you have a need, a wish, or a problem, and we’re happy to take care of it.

A growing trend in IT is Managed Services. Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management/maintenance responsibilities as a method for improving operations and cutting expenses. Sounds impressive, right? It is particularly appealing in today's economy because it allows for predictable IT support costs, and helps minimize costly down-time. For a fixed monthly fee, a Managed Services company proactively provides a defined set of services including security patches, updates for your virus protection, and much more. Comnet Consulting offers two levels of Managed Services including a basic program and an all-you-can-eat plan designed to cover almost every type of support issue networks confront.

The Comnet Consulting approach of providing both Pay-By-The-Hour and Managed Services is the best of both worlds. Our goal is to give you and your entire organization peace of mind when it comes to your IT. Let's sit down and talk about what combination of our services is the best fit for your IT needs.